Established 1850

Serving our community for six generations

86 yrs
Apr 21 1929 - Jun 28 2015
18 yrs
Dec 31 1996 - Jun 28 2015
37 yrs
Mar 17 1978 - Jun 18 2015
Operating in
Parkesburg, PA
Since 1928
Our focus is serving you, your family & honoring your loved one
Professional Service Options
Ranging from the traditional funeral to direct cremation.

Wilde Funeral Home

Carry out your loved one's wishes

A prearranged funeral is when a person, couple or legal next of kin makes all the funeral arrangements before a person dies. 

This will save you time from having to make unknown decisions and gives your family a sense of fulfillment.

434 Main Street
Parkesburg, PA 19365