Tina Louise Ranck

Jan 31 1957
May 28 2021
64 Years

Tina Louise Ranck , 64, of Coatesville passed away at her home on Friday, May 28, 2021. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, she was the daughter of the late Lester Lavern Ranck, Sr. and Thelma May (Dawson) Ranck.

During the course of her childhood, she encountered several moves, as her father was restationed by the United States Air Force. After his retirement in 1968, her family settled down in the small town of Parkesburg. She would go on to graduate from Coatesville Area Senior High School in 1975.

Being disabled over the last 10 years, Tina kept busy with her two cats, online games and trying to keep in touch with her many friends and family, as well as attending community events within her building.

Tina is survived by four children: Eddie Nixon, wife Christy of Mount Wolf, Sunshine Marie Robinson of Coatesville, William Raymond Culclasure III of Coatesville, and Brian David. Additionally, she is survived by Eight grandchildren: Vashawn, Norman, Ariana, Jycir, Gabrielle,, Amina,, Israel and Robert; Tina's 4 siblings: Linda Kay Seal of Parkesburg, Lester L. Ranck, Jr. of Ephrata, Catherine Marie Carr, husband Anthony of Coatesville, and Judy Ann Disante, husband John of Honey Brook; She is preceded in death by both her nephew, Kevin T. Seal and her niece Rachel Carr.

Appreciation to everyone who made Tina a part of their life and kept regular contact with her, as we know she valued and loved each one who made her feel loved and important.

A celebration of life will be held at a future date and time, please check back to our website or with her children for updates.

Arrangements have been entrusted to the Wilde Funeral Home of Parkesburg. Online condolences can be made at www.wildefuneralhome.com

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A celebration of life will be held at a future date and time, please check back to our website or with her children for updates.


Tina, I will miss you and love your forever.  We shared a special sister bond that got us through so many things.  More importantly, we triumphed, laughed, cried, danced, and shared our hearts.  You have a special place in my heart can be filled by no one but you, and it will be it open until we meet again.  So, dear Tina, you are free.  Soar high.  Loving you!

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Oh where to begin, the many memories. Staying up late and eating french fries until I got sick. You driving over the snake, multiple times in the side yard with your car (windows up and door locked). Squirting me with the hose in the front yard, until I ran into the tree. So many memories, so many happy times. The most important one is when you took me to reconnect with my mom. You and Eddie helped bring me back to the family. I will forever be greatful. I love you so much. Give everyone up with you hug from me. Until we meet again.

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My deepest Condolences to the family
Know I’m here for you Sunnie

God bless and continue to comfort you



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Bean, I'll miss you I was on my way to see you before I left. But now I know your forever watching. I love you bean. R.I.h



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Tina, the times I got to see and speak with you will always remind me of the beautiful blessing that you have been to me. Thank you so much for the unconditional love you showered on me. From the time I was introduced into our Dawson - Ranck family as a child you received me with a big sister's love, a real love. Someday we will rejoice as family again in our Holy Father's presence where I will again thank Him for giving me the privilege of seeing you again among His angels. Until we see each other again, rest    well in His arms my cousin. God bless you always. Dean. 

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Dear Tina, I cant believe Im having to write this I just spoke to you on the phone a week before you passed, and Im so glad we did. We talked, laughed and told each other we loved each other.

you had a big heart, and were miss understood by some people, but to me you were funny, loving and Im going to miss you, Cathy and I making jellies,watching Survivour, and our Christmas

cookie exchange! Rest in Peace cousin,love you your cousin Denise Byerly Sharrer

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I will always remember Tina as the nudgie younger sister. She always tried to tag along when Cathy and I were going somewhere. I enjoyed her playful sense of humor. Tina, you will definitely leave a void in all of the lives you have touched. May you rest now in peace. I am sending love and sympathy to your entire family...but especially to Trinks!

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We started out the closest of all.  I showed up 1-1/2 years after you.  During naps as toddlers, you would always wait until I fell asleep and Grammy would let you get up while I slept.  “You were always Grammy’s favorite.”  We were always dressed alike for Easter as kids.  We shared rooms from as far back as I can remember through high school.  Our summers spent riding our bikes up to Grossman’s farm.  Remember the summer nights we would watch the sun set into Grossmans barn, for the night? Working in the garden and mowing the lawn together. Girl Scouts together selling Girl Scout Cookies and selling the most for sisters. Then we went to Boston for free. When you got your driver’s license, oh the things you taught me, being my older sister.  Remember when Dad told us he was going to send us away because we were driving Mom crazy?  Well we made it through our teens.  You moved away and left me behind.  But, by the grace of God, you finally came home where you belonged.  We enjoyed watching and making fun of each other being sedated for our minor surgeries through the years.  We had our families and they grew up together to be best of friends.  I would say it is the best gift we could have ever given each other, was our children, to love each other better than siblings.  Oh, yes, we had our moments as all sisters do.  But there is not one second in our lives that I had not loved you more than life itself.  You will live on in my heart to the end of my days.  You have left me way too soon.  You have left a huge hole in my heart that no one will ever fill but you.  What a glorious re-union we will have when we meet again. We will break out into singing our silly songs together. 

I hope and pray Eddie; Sunshine & Ray-Ray finds solace in their loving memories of you for their long lived life ahead.  May your Grandchildren Always remember, their Grammy loved them so very much.   

Your Baby sister

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