Harry Mark Stong

Mar 7 1944
Oct 8 2017
73 Years
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Harry Mark Stong, 73, of Coatesville, Pa  passed away on Sunday, October 8, 2017. Born March 7,1944 in Philadelphia. He was the son of Harold and Julia Stong of Downingtown, Pa. Harry was a graduate of Downingtown High School and received his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating he was station in Germany while serving in the United States Army. He worked for many construction companies as a superintendent until starting his own engineering company in 1984 retiring in 2007. Harry Enjoyed going out to eat, maintaining his yard, and dabbling in the stock market. 

He is survived by his wife Doris of 48 years, son Joel of Kirkwood, Pa, and beloved granddaughter Payton of Downingtown, Pa. Brothers, Todd and wife Vivian of New Mexico, and Blaine and wife Mary of Washington State. Sisters, Meg Mehl and husband Matt of Douglassville, Pa, Hollie Bradford and husband Roger of  Virginia, Sherry Davis and husband Brent of Utah and sister, Carol Huey of Phoenixville, PA.   Preceded in death by his brother Phil and wife Lynn Of Downingtown, Pa. 

Services will be private at the convenience of the family.  In lieu of flowers, please make your donations in Harry's memory to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis TN 38105.

Arrangements by the Wilde Funeral Home, Parkesburg, PA. Online condolences can be posted at www.wildefuneralhome.com

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i was so sad to hear of Uncle Harry's passing. i will always remember him as a kind man who was a joy to be around. he never seemed to have a temper and his demeaner was that of Grandmom's.

RIP Uncle Harry

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Very sorry to hear of Harry's passing. He will be missed by family and friends. A quiet man who loved his family. My prayers and thoughts to his wife and family.


Beverly Henry

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Condolences to Harry's family. I know he will be missed. Harry and I were high school classmates and I will always remember his sense of humor and analytical mind.



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Words cannot express my love to my brother Harry.  He was always vigorous and full of fun, and I'm sure he's continuing that on the other side.  Attached is a photo remembrance of Harry!  Love, Hollie


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Harry was a classmate and a close good neighbor of my family.  I had not seen Harry since graduating from high school until our 50th class reunion. He was the same charming, funny fellow that I had remembered.  I was planning on another pleasant evening of conversation at our next class event.  May you RIP, Harry. My sympathy to the Stong family.

Caroline Ash

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What can I say that could express my great love for my Dear brother Harry. Harry was such a kind, funny, sweet brother I knew he would always keep me safe I feel a little lost, to put it midly. I never thought he would leave us so soon.  Harry always lit up the room or wherever he was you couldn't help but laugh.  Everybody loved Harry just like his Brother Philsey who passed just 6 short months ago. I'm sure he and Philsey and our Dear Parents look down on us and don't want us to be sad, but we are.  Recently when I talked with Harry he said "you know I never judge anybody .I dont know what their life has been like. Some people have very sad lives." Harry always treated everyone with kindness. He spread sunshine wherever he went. Know that your little sister Sherry misses you very much. you are the kindest funniest most generous person I know next to your little brother Philsey  We all miss and love you so much.  One more thing; Harry loved my children, he loved children and I could see the Greatest love for his sweet Payton.  How much he loves that sweet pretty Granddaughter  and of course, Joel, his handsome boy, and Dorie, the love of his life.  Mommy and Daddy Darling are so proud of you too and Jesus would say you loved your neighbor as yourself and He loves you.  You lived a good life! Until we meet on the other side I love you! Your little  sister, Sherry  Picture at my wedding with my sweet brother, Harry, and his wife, Dorie

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Thank you Chris for the comments about my brother, Harry.  Yes, he was a lot of fun to be around - always had a great sense of humor - he will be greatly missed.  His favorite movie was a cowboy movie, High Noon, with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly.  I've attached a picture of him pretending to be a cowboy when he was a little boy!  It epitomizes what a fun person he was right from the start.

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sad to hear of Harry’s passing, good man I was best friends with Phil and enjoyed Harry’s friendship. May he Rest In Peace.

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Doris and family: Sorry to hear about Harry. I have had some great conversations with him. I was trying to get information on his brother Blaine for our high school class. We were talking a lot about our life in Downingtown and who we knew. You would know me as a receptionist for a local foot doctor. This was a surprise to me and sorry for your loss. 

Iva Darlington Siever, Downingtown Class of 1959


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We remember Harry from our days in high school.  He was always so friendly and really smart.  We wish all the best to his family at this time.

Carol Lillard Banz / Richard Benjamin

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I have fond memories of my Uncle Harry.  I enjoyed catching up with him last summer.  My condolences to Aunt Dory and cousin Joel.


Ethan Davis

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I remember visiting Harry and Dorie when we would go back east. The yard smelling like chocolate because of the cocoa beans in the flower beds. I remember admiring Uncle Harry’s tiger striped lawn mower, as well as his beautifully manicured lawn. I guess I have that Stong lawn gene in me, but maybe one day I can get my yard to look as nice as his. I saw his generous spirit as a kid when he slipped me $100 bill before leaving the house, that gesture was worth a lot more than a hundred dollars, because it taught me that generosity was something to strive for. We miss you uncle Harry, and send all our love to Aunt Dorie and your family. Keep making people smile while we wait to meet you again. 

— Love Stephen 

The photo is one I wanted to share that I found amongst the Stong family photos. 


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Sweet Uncle Harry will be missed by so many here on earth, but I'm sure he was welcomed home by even more than we know. I send my little families love and prayers to Aunt Dorie, cousin Joel, and his granddaughter Payton. I have few memories of uncle Harry, but in my mind's eye I can see him talking with my mother Sherry amongst the orchard at grandma Jules. While us kids ran around them enjoying the smell and feel of a freshly mowed lawn. Although I can't remember who mowed the lawn I think it is safe to guess that it was Harry. Most of what I do know about uncle Harry has been told to me by my mom, she always spoke so highly of him. His kindness and love has touched so many lives.

With much love,

Emily Pieper

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I remember when I was very young, like 5, he gave my sister Julia and me some of his popsicles. They were very colorful and fun. His kindness had such an impression on my young mind that to this day (23 years later), whenever I see that popsicle brand in the store, I think "those are Uncle Harry's popsicles!".

My condolences to all his family. We will all miss our memories of his generosity and genuine goodness.

Love, Todd Davis


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How does one honor the memory of their younger brother?  How was Harry able to give everyone a smile, even the stone faced in this world?  Why did everyone like Harry? Why was Harry always so excited about sharing his wealth of stories?  It was because he was an extraordinary deep observer of people, of all people, young and old, rich and poor, mean and nice.  Some may ride 50 miles and cannot tell you anything of what they saw.  Some meet 200 people a year and have very little they observed. By contrast Harry’s mind recorded each mile and each face in an enormously detailed fashion. He cared about people. He loved his fellow man. And he tolerated the terrible. He was an ever keen observer of life.  Yes, as a construction engineer superintendent for mega projects in Philadelphia he encountered salt of the earth men, the tough, the professionals, the deadbeats and the corrupt labor bosses and the underworld bagmen.  He got the jobs done and on time despite the ever challenge of contention and corruption.  Given his economic height in such an assembly of big men, all looked down at him but then all looked up at him.  Later in life in the field for years as a land surveyor with a transit on his shoulder he communed miles and miles each day with the earth, the fields, the woods and the birds in the heat and the cold.  He was prized as the field engineer expert to correct plans created by naïve desk engineers. While, electric, roads and water pipes may flow uphill, Harry knew that for sewers they only could flow down, down, downhill and thus every inch of elevation was key to the success of a project.  Developers prized his insight as to how to maximize the use of land. Very early in life Harry cherished his military service overseas, again with a focus on people.   He loved to travel, to see the new. He loved his family. He loved children.  He loved his son and was so ever proud of his granddaughter Payton.  May he look down on us and smile.

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The last time I saw Uncle Harry was in 2004. Mom, Dallas, Stephen, Ian (my husband), and I went to back to Pennsylvania to see all of Mom's wonderful family. We went to visit Harry and Dorie and had a great time with them. When we were leaving Harry forced each of us to take a $100 bill! He was so generous and kind :) We love Uncle Harry and will miss him. I wish my five children could have met their great uncle Harry. We send our love to Dorie, Joel, and Payton at this time. Love, Ian, Julia, Jonah, Kate, Addey, Morgan, and Amelia

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Uncle Harry, you are and will be missed! Uncle Harry was always so kind, so generous, and genuinely interested in the happiness of everyone around him. His love for his family, for Aunt Dorie, Joel and his granddaughter Payton was always apparent. I was lucky enough to visit with both my Uncle Philsey and my Uncle Harry on the same day this last December when I was in Pennsylvania for a short visit. It saddens me that we have lost both these wonderful men in this past year. Honestly I have so many fond memories of Uncle Harry, but this last visit was especially nice. We sat around talking for hours at Aunt Meg's with Harry telling the best stories. The next day we visited with Harry, Dorie, Joel and Payton and had a wonderful time. I took the picture above that day. Uncle Harry even let me ride with him in the Mercedes to go get pizza, and then insisted that I drive the Mercedes home, and "open her up on the straightaway" to see how much power she had under the hood. I will never forget his kindness and generous nature. Love you Uncle Harry! Your nephew, Dallas

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My Brother Harry

I believe that each person’s fate is subject to God’s will. I believe that Harry lived a meaningful life, and it’s time for him to move on. What made his life meaningful? CARING!

While Harry was a construction supervisor in Philadelphia, a car drove onto the site. The car was from Graterford Prison. The guard drove up with three prisoners. Harry was told that if he had jobs for these prisoners, they don’t have to go back to jail. Harry MAKES jobs available, and the prisoners continue to work there. Harry need only call the prison if they don’t show up for work or do not do a good job. (Harry’s kind of justice system.)

While Harry was on a construction site in Philadelphia, he told one of his workers (Walter) that Walter needs to stop getting into trouble on the job site. Walter continues to get into trouble, so Harry has to tell him that he just can’t cover for Walter anymore. Walter says he knows that Harry has done all he can do and realizes that he has to go. Before going, he asks Harry, “Do you know what the men call you? They call you my white daddy because you look out for me. You and I are tight.”

Harry will be missed, but his life on earth has been meaningful and has touched so many lives for the good. Remember his example. Try to make each day have meaning by CARING. If we do that, we will never need to FIND happiness; happiness will FIND you.

God bless—Blaine Stong

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I met my lovely wife, Sherry, in May of 1975. When I was privleged to meet her parents and most of her brothers and sisters, in July of 1975, I found that they were just as wonderful as she said they were. Now, after 41 years of marriage, my initial assessment has only been strengthened. In all my interactions with the Harold and Jule Stong family, I have been thoroughly entertained. They are each such interesting characters. Never a dull moment. And passion? They don't look Italian or Greek (actually, maybe Harry does, with that dark hair), but they are just as much fun. As entertaining as they are alone, it's a real rockin party when you get them all together. And I have heard them tell their stories, in some cases, dozens of times. They only get better and I laugh just as hard as the first time. Over the years, I have come to realize just how lucky and blessed I have been to tie into this bunch.

It has always been clear just how much the Stong family loves each other. Every family has their differences, but this family's love would still shine through. I know that their friends have been able to feel this love eminating out to them. Even the plant and animal kingdoms have been the beneficaries of the Stong love. They appreciate the beauties of Gods creations, from a tiny bug to the largest whale. All are worthy of their concern and attention. And certainly they have their love to Gods children. 

So, my remembrance of Harry Stong includes his whole family. They really can not be separated. Nonetheless, it was always a joy to visit with Harry and his immediate family. He was always interested in what my family was doing and how we were getting along. We will miss you Harry Stong, even though it will be but a short time, for God has a plan for families to be together forever. So, until we meet again. With my love- Brent Davis

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